The image most people have of a security guard, is a big, burly man who takes no nonsense from anyone, but over time, this image is gradually changing. With more and women entering into the security industry, no longer do men totally dominate the security world, and it’s become increasingly common to see women helping to provide protection for individuals, businesses and events.

But is this just about equality, or do females actually make better security guards?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons whyfemale security guards are increasingly in high demand within the security industry:

Women draw less attention to themselves

Those stereotypical, big, burly security guards described at the top of this article, do nothing to detract attention away from themselves, and while sometimes a visible source of protection is needed, when it comes to protecting professional individuals, the more discrete the level of security can be, the better. A female security guard, in the majority of instances, can easily be mistaken for a partner, personal assistant or even a nanny.

An obvious security personnel presence is no longer wanted by many individuals who hire protection, and for protecting the children of high-profile individuals, many also prefer to hire female security guards, rather than males.  

Okay, so gender equality does have something to do with it

And that’s nothing to be ashamed of, after all, if women can perform a role just as well (or better) than their male counterparts, why shouldn’t they be given the opportunity to do so? Many more companies nowadays are under pressure to balance the gender of their employees, and be seen as an equal opportunities employer, meaning that increasingly, women are being welcomed into the security industry with open arms.

Women are taking on more diverse roles

Many more women nowadays have the confidence to apply for a variety of roles that might not ordinarily have been considered appropriate or suitable for them, and no longer shy away from pursuing a career in the security industry.

When frisking is mandatory, females are mandatory

In a lot of schools, colleges, shopping malls, airports and work places, frisking is mandatory before entry to certain areas is permitted, but with female visitors or attendees only able to be frisked by other females, this has fuelled the need for more women in the security industry.

Women are proven to be more effective at diffusing situations

When it comes to conflict resolution, female security guards have long been proven to be more effective at diffusing difficult and/or dangerous situations, as while most men will be happy to get into a fight with a male guard, they are typically less comfortable brawling with a woman. Not only that, but women generally tend to display a more compassionate, less intimidatory side when working in a security capacity, which can help to lower the levels of aggression on display, and bring about a sense of calm. If you’re a woman who would like to explore a career in security, there are plenty of opportunities for you to do so, all you need to do is find a great training school, enroll, and get protecting!

Author: code4stc