If you are a security professional who is currently working in the security industry without a first aid and CPR certification, you are missing out on multiple high-paying opportunities as well as missing out on learning pivotal life-saving skills. A security professional adept in first aid and CPR is preferred over the one who just holds basic security guard training and certification. The security industry demands dexterous security professionals who can do more than just maintaining decorum. Here are a few reasons about the necessity of first aid and CPR certification for security guards.

Increased Opportunities

Most security firms prefer to hire security guards who have a previous background and certification in first aid and CPR training. It’s a life-saving skill that can come in handy if someone inside the security premises needs medical attention. This is why security guards with first aid and CPR certification are paid relatively higher than the ones who do not possess such certification. Moreover, first aid and CPR certification are among the most sought skills that a client looks for. If you have first aid and CPR certification listed on your resume, chances of you getting selected for a prominent security position are high.

Possess Life-Saving Skills

Security guard trained in CPR and first aid training possesses the required skills to save someone from abrupt demise. Heart attacks are quite common especially in the middle age people, and if they see someone palpitating or struggling to breathe, they can become the first responder and use their training to prevent the loss of life. Burns and wounds are common occurrences in high-risk areas and if a security guard possesses first aid CPR training, we can prevent the bone from manifesting into an untreatable condition.

Spotting Signs of Medical Emergencies

A security guard who holds certification in first aid and CPR training can proactively spot the symptoms that can lead to a medical emergency. These symptoms can vary from lightheadedness, dizziness, shortage of breath, anxiety, and a variety of other complex symptoms. By spotting the medical emergencies before they occur, they can save a potential life causality.

First Responders

Security guards adept in first aid and CPR can act as first responders whenever the need arises. They do not have to wait for the medical team to arrive on spot and can administer first aid if the patient needs urgent medical attention. Using their training, security guards can stop the medical condition from aggravating further and help the patient to survive and less the professional medical help arrives.

First aid and CPR training come in very handy not only in the security industry but in almost every profession. Having first aid and CPR certification can add value to your security guard portfolio and help you to gain lucrative security opportunities. You also wear a life-saving skill that comes in handy both on the job and off the job as well.

Author: code4stc