Now considered to be highly respected positions of authority, security guards must be properly trained and vetted before being able to carry out their important duties protecting people and property. This is not only to help ensure that they are capable of fulfilling the role, but that they can do so safely and authoritatively.

Provided you meet the minimum requirements – which is generally that you’re above 18 years of age, and are a legal U.S. citizen with a clean (or relatively clean) criminal record – you can apply to criminal justice schools or security guard classes to gain the necessary skills and license to become a security guard. Let’s look in a little more detail at exactly what you’ll need in order to enroll in security training classes:

What you need to provide to enroll in security guard training

Many states throughout the U.S. require a type of identification guard informing them that the individual has completed an official background check (both state and federal), and has had their fingerprints recorded. The most common types of cards are the Guard Card and the PERC Card. It’s important to note that some states have stricter requirements than others, so always check with your state before signing up for any security guard training classes, so that you can be ready with whatever they ask you to provide them with.

Where can you get security guard training?

You can choose to complete your training hours online, or attend in-school classes, and a simple internet search should come up with a number of training facilities in your area. Asking a local security company where their employees completed their training can also be a great starting point.

For online courses, the program must be accredited and accepted by the state in which you live, otherwise your investment will be wasted.

What is required in security guard training?

For the majority of states, a minimum of 8 hours of class work on security guard training is required, prior to being able to work as a standard (unarmed) security guard, but some states do require additional course hours to be completed within a certain period of time.

Some training facilities offer course work at a set price, while others may offer an initial price for the first 8 hours, and then charge extra for the additional hours required to gain official certification. You’ll probably find some programs that offer lower rates for anyone paying for all their security guard training classes in one go. There can be no doubt that in this increasingly dangerous world, the role of the security guard has become crucial, and with many more opportunities to train to protect people and property, it can prove a lucrative position for many. If you’re interested in making a career out of keeping others safe from harm, find a training academy in your state, and get ready to play a vital role in society!

Author: code4stc