While the specific role of a security guard will depend upon the place where they are appointed to work, there are skills and responsibilities that they must all possess in order to fulfil their role successfully, and some of these are listed below:

  • A polite, calm and reasoned approach
  • The ability to communicate effectively with all types of people
  • Quick thinking and spontaneity
  • The ability to solve problems in a quick and efficient manner
  • Able to follow instructions to the letter
  • A sound technical understanding of security systems
  • A high level of physical fitness and strength

The primary role of a security guard is to prevent crimes from occurring, but there are some other responsibilities they should be able to uphold that are significant, too:

Maintaining order and helping to create a safe, secure environment

Whether patrolling the interior and exterior of a premises, or in a stationary guard position, a security guard must routinely check windows, doors and gates to ensure that they’re properly locked, and examine every aspect of the surrounding area to determine whether the environment is safe; this also includes assessing people and preventing any unauthorised or unlawful activities from taking place within the premises.

Identifying suspicious behavior or risks to public safety

A good security guard is exceptionally observant, and has the ability to watch and observe areas within the vicinity, without being unduly distracted. Thanks to their professional training, they are also able to identify suspicious behavior displayed by employees, visitors or customers, and are also trained to identify the signs of potential criminal activity, or any other potentially dangerous incident.

Responding appropriately to emergency situations

In most instances, security guards are the first to respond to any kind of emergency situation, and are trained to keep calm and focus on dealing with the situation appropriately. Specialist security guards may have received training in other areas, such as first aid and CPR, fire watch and crisis management, and may have even more skills in the event of an emergency.

Communicating effectively

An important aspect of maintaining safety and security, communication is a vital responsibility for all security guards, and they must be able to do talk to others in a manner that is calm, polite and respectful. From directing visitors to a site, to warning others about as potential security threat, a good security guard will be able to command a high level of respect and communicate information or instructions in a clear and concise manner.

Monitoring the behavior and activities of people

Security guards must remain alert and watchful at all times, and must monitor activities in and around the premises, along with closely observing the behavior of staff and others inside the area, no matter the time of day, or how quiet and uneventful things may appear to be. If you think you have all of the skills above, and would be able to uphold the responsibilities of a qualified security guard, why not find a local training academy and register with them today?

Author: code4stc