While being a security guard can be a rewarding and often exciting role, those guards who are licensed to be armed typically find themselves fulfilling even more exciting and important roles, and as such, are generally paid more than their less qualified counterparts too.

Armed security guards are able to work for companies who hire them out for the protection of people or property, and going through the training to receive official licensure to work as an armed guard, is viewed by many as a worthwhile investment. Read on to find out more:

What training must you complete to become an armed security guard?

You’ll need to complete several hours of training at an accredited facility to learn how to safely handle a firearm as an armed security guard, in addition to the regular security guard training hours.

Once completed, you’ll be licensed to legally possess a firearm while performing your role of an armed security guard, and will receive a card that allows you to do so.

What are the training requirements?

Rigorous background, legal status and history checks are standard procedure for anyone wanting to become an armed security guard, irrespective of where you live, but each state will have varying laws on how to obtain the training and proper licensing in order to carry a weapon as an armed security guard.

Make sure that you understand exactly what is required of you before enrolling in a local (or online) training course, so that you can be prepared, and to avoid disappointment. Once you find a training program, make sure that it’s state certified and accredited, otherwise you run the risk of not being able to work legally in your state.

Is it worth investing in armed security guard training?

There are many more job opportunities for licensed, armed security guards, meaning that if you need work, and want to remain in work for as long as possible, investing in the additional training is almost always worth it. Not only that, but in some instances, armed security guards get paid significantly more and there are more chances of being able to upgrade their status and advance even further up the security guard scale, as they progress within the role and become more experienced.

If you have a clean criminal record and no history of mental illness, then becoming an armed security guard could be a lucrative and highly rewarding career.

While training to become an armed security guard does cost more than the regular training for unarmed guards, the opportunities to earn more money and further your skills are a huge incentive for many, and few who go on to gain the necessary qualifications and licensing, regret their decision to invest in their future.

Author: code4stc