Aside from the Baton, pepper spray is an equally effective defense gear that can visually impair the attackers for quite sometime before their normal vision is restored. Security personnel must know the basics of handling pepper spray and the laws governing pepper spray’s carrying and usage. At code 4 security training, we have a separate pepper spray training program to help you learn the details of pepper spray, how it works, and the effective methods to use pepper spray to protect yourself and the citizens from the troublemakers. If aimed correctly, pepper spray can deter troublemakers from causing further discomfort and immediately de-escalate the situation.

Does BSIS issue Pepper Spray certification?

No. BSIS does not provide any permit for the usage of pepper spray.

We offer you a Training Certificate that proves you are capable of using pepper spray in critical situations.

To purchase a paper spray, you must be 18 years old or above and be a security guard cardholder or application before receiving your pepper spray training and certification at code 4 security training.

Since pepper-spraying is a defensive tactic, we also recommend training for individuals who are not working in the security industry.

Step: 1

Pepper spray training course comprises two hours of theoretical and practical classes that make you adept at using pepper spray canisters for defense. The first hour focuses on understanding the scenarios in which using the pepper spray is an appropriate fit. You also must factor in the liabilities issues while dispensing pepper spray on an individual.

Step: 2

You will also learn about OC pepper spray and its usage patterns, followed by a practical implementation of what works best in a hypothetical situation. Pepper spray is a defensive strategy, and you must learn about giving a verbal warning to de-escalate the situation before using the pepper spray on someone. Our trainers guide you about using reasonable force while dealing with troublemakers rather than going overboard and damaging someone’s eyes and face.

Step 3

The next hour is aimed at physical training to help you master the skill of paper spraying. Our trainers inform you about proper stance, effective deployment, and self-protection while using a paper spray. It is an integral part of pepper-spraying as the range of spray is quite limited. You will learn numerous methods to scare away troublemakers by undergoing practical training drills and decontamination methods after using pepper spray.

Step 4

Security professionals may also need to provide first aid to the individual or themselves and learn about protecting their eyes while using the pepper spray. Code 4 security will give a Training Certificate of completion if you pass with an admissible percentage.

Pepper Spray Training course overview

Here is a step-by-step course overview of Pepper Spray Training

Do security guards need a Pepper Spray Certification?

Pepper spray is among the non-lethal weapon that it is used on duty by a security professional. BSIS has set a limit on the amount of pepper spray you can carry if you do not have a pepper spray certification from a certified training establishment like code 4 security training. By having a pepper spray certification, you understand the implications of using pepper spray on an individual for defensive purposes and learn about the legalities of using a paper spray. We highly recommend security professionals and the public know the usage of pepper spray by opting for the pepper spray training course and certification at code 4 security training.

Will I be live sprayed during the Pepper Spray Training Program?

No. We do not believe in brutal training methods and abhor using live targets to learn about paper spring techniques. You will not be asked to use the pepper spray on your training partners for any other live target.