Livescan is the process of electronically registering the fingerprints and sending them over to the department of justice and the federal bureau of investigation for further scrutiny. These submitted lives cans of your fingerprints are then compared against the criminal history database using an automated fingerprint matching system. If your fingerprint matches with any previous criminal record or charge sheet, then your security guard card application is rejected, and you cannot apply for a security guard card.

Code 4 security training provides live scan services to help you easily register the fingerprints and send them electronically to the department of justice and the federal bureau of investigation as a part of your security guard card approval process.

Without registering your fingerprints and submitting the live scan, your application cannot be processed further, and your security guard card approval may get delayed indefinitely.

We have dedicated kiosks to help you fill the security guard card application and then follow the step-by-step process to approve your application in one go. Livescan is required only once, and after verification, you are issued your security guard card.

Step: 1

Livescan fingerprinting is a faster method of capturing fingerprints and directly sending them to the concerned departments.

Step: 2

Livescan fingerprints are compared against the already existing records with the help of software that reduces the concerned authorities’ manual burden

Step 3

Manual fingerprinting or ink-based fingerprinting is not in use anymore, and the only process to obtain your security guard card is by completing the live scan process.

Is Live Scan superior to manual fingerprinting?

Yes. In manual fingerprint recording, it is difficult avoiding smudges and smearing while capturing the fingerprints. In addition to that, matching them against the records is a daunting task.

Fees of live scan

A piece of dedicated live scan equipment is needed to capture your fingerprints. We have the necessary tools to capture your fingerprints at a very nominal charge set by the BSIS. As per the charges imposed by regulatory authorities, you must pay $67 for registering for a security guard card live scan. It includes a $20 rolling fee, $30 department of justice fee, and $17 FBI fees. If you are applying for a security guard card with a firearm permit, then along with these three charges, you have to pay an additional fee of $38 along with the charges mentioned above. That brings you to a total of $107 for registering your fingerprints. The rolling fee is the amount you must pay to code 4 security training to complete your live scan process.

How much time is required for approving a Live Scan?

After electronically registering your fingerprints, it may take at least seven days or more to process your live scan application and compare it against the existing criminal database. You or your employer will receive the results of the live scan not before seven days of submission. You can also check the status of your life scan application on the department of justice website.