Are you gearing up for your first job in the security domain? You will then need a security guard card that certifies you as a licensed security guard. Without a security guard card, the chances of being employed in a professional work environment are slim to none. We offer security guard card training to help you swiftly gain your security guard card and train you in befitting programs to score high-paying jobs

Prerequisites for Guard Card Training

To apply for a security guard card, you must

Be above 18 years of age

Not have any prior convictions or criminal activity

Step: 1

Before even applying for the security guard card, you must undergo a mandatory 8-hour training program to build your base. We provide a complete overview followed by an elaborate 8-hour course to make you fully eligible for a security guard card application. Our 8-hour training program helps build your confidence and is conducted by security experts with an illustrious career in the security domain.

The 8-hour training program is divided into two parts: Weapons of Mass Destruction and Power to Arrest. These classes inform you about the existing threats and how to spot them, along with your duty to protect others and also the actions to take in an emergency.

Step: 2

This step involves filling in the security guard card form along with the necessary documents to support your claims. Bureau of Security and Investigative Services receives your application electronically and then conducts a deep evaluation of your details. We help you fill the security guard card application with all the necessary information and ensure that your application is up to the mark. A correctly filled application reduces the chances of reapplying for the security guard card again and again and also saves your money.

Step 3

The initial paperwork holds no value if you don’t complete the Live Scan process of registering your fingerprints. We facilitate live scans to register your fingerprints that are then forwarded to the BSIS for further scrutiny and identity matching. There are three copies of the form that you have to print before getting a live scan. A $32 DOJ fingerprint processing fee and a $17 FBI fee, a total of which is around 50 dollars, have to be paid to process your fingerprints. Any live scan done by us saves you the additional fees to be paid at Live Scan sites, usually around 13 dollars.


Step 4

We help you submit the complete application along with every requested document and verification. You can rest assured of the application approval as we leave no corners unturned to make it a success. The application processing and support take some time, but you can expect the online security guard card letter in a week. The actual security guard card takes some time to be delivered to your office, usually about 20 days or more. Until then, you can comfortably use the printout of the security guard card from the website as proof. With Code4 security by your side, you can receive the security guard card within a month, along with proper training and guidance.


Steps to Obtain a Security Guard Card

Obtaining a security guard card is a complicated process that involves a lot of paperwork. Here is a step-by-step guide to explain the process of getting a security guard card

These basic steps help you to obtain your security guard card without any problem. But it is just the first phase. After receiving your security guard card, you must complete 32 more hours of training to become a fully capable licensed security professional. After getting your security guard card, the next step is to complete 16 hours of training within 30 days. We provide an extensive 16-hours training program to help you complete your mandatory training hours. Our course trains you to become vigilant and attentive, take notes, and maintain effective communication with the public. It is subdivided into four parts, each of which focuses on different aspects of the qualities of a licensed security guard. We even offer electives to help you choose the subject of your preference while training.

After completing the first 16-hour training program, you must complete the remaining 16 hours of security guard training within six months. The purpose of this training is to cover the remaining two out of four primary subjects and two electives of your choice. Completion of this 16-hour training is the final phase of your security guard card, after which you become eligible to be employed anywhere in the state. Our instructors help you learn everything that can help you score a full-time security personnel job at reliable companies.

A security guard card license opens numerous opportunities for you. Code 4 Security Training trains you to become the finest security personnel in the state and guides you to tackle common and unpredictable scenarios. The security guard card is valid only for a year, and you have to get it renewed every time. It is recommended to apply for the renewal before 60 days to avoid a lapse in your working hours. You also have to take a refresher course that can be an elective of your choice. Code 4 security training has trainers and a training area to take care of everything you need to learn as a security guard. Our efforts are always directed towards preparing security guards for every possible scenario and help them maintain consistent employment.

Keep in mind that each refresher course or elective that you take increases your chances of being employed in a security position. Companies are always looking for well-rounded guards who possess knowledge and skills, and we can prepare you for that. Code 4 security training has trained hundreds of security personnel who are now employed across the state and are s desirous candidates for most security positions.