A firearm is a crucial gear for the security officer deployed in high-risk scenarios that involve protecting an asset. Security guards with firearms training and appropriate permit can secure high-paying protection and security jobs in the state. Every security guard must undergo firearms training to build their knowledge about firearms and learn more about operating and managing firearms both on and off duty. Code 4 Security Training provides detailed firearms training that complies with the standards laid down by BSIS.


To begin firearms training, you must have

Completed the registration as a security guard professional

Completed the initial training on weapons of mass destruction and the power to arrest

After completing these two sessions of 8 hours total, you can apply for firearms training at a certified security guard training institute like ours

Fill a firearm application and submit an application fee of 100 USD and charges for live scan and additional costs. Shooting range deposits and course fees are separate from the application fee

Step: 1

The first day of firearm training begins with a detailed discussion of how to use firearms, why they are necessary on a protection job, their advantages and disadvantages, laws and regulations related to guns protecting yourself from a firearm, and the legal aspects of using firearms the job. Apart from that, our trainers teach you about the pistol and revolver parts and how they function together to fire a bullet. You will also learn about types of ammunition used with different firearms and scenarios in which using a particular firearm is feasible.

Step: 2

The next step is visiting the firing range and learning about handling and firing due to weapons on a shooting course. If you already own a firearm, you can carry it along on the shooting range. If you do not have any gun in your position, we will provide you one for practicing at the shooting range.

Step 3

As the training progresses, you will become better at handling the three types of firearms and changing ammunition as per your firearm. The goal is to have a deep understanding of the firearm you are currently using and use it for the potential on the shooting range.

Steps to Obtain a Firearm Training

Code 4 Security Training makes it easier for you to apply for firearms and begin training as early as possible


The certified firearms training session lasts for 14 hours, divided into multiple smaller classes to help you better understand the nuances of firearms training. During these 14 hours, you get to know everything about the firearm you will later use at the job and instill confidence in carrying and using the weapon if necessary. BSIS has set the class duration for 14 hours, and if any training center tries to shrink the course, your training and knowledge will be affected by that. Code 4 Security Training conducts firearm training of appropriate standards set by the regulatory bodies and helps you become adept at handling firearms.

Advantages of Having a Firearm Training and Permit

  • An armed security guard acts as a deterrent for potential criminal activities and disheartens the efforts of miscreants looking for an opportunity.
  • A security guard with firearms training and a permit can apply for high-profile security positions that involve protecting people, businesses, and locations.
  • Moreover, a firearm permit holder security personnel can easily apply and get selected for better-paying security jobs instead of the basic ones.
  • There is always a high demand for security professionals with firearms training and permit as they are better at surveillance and monitoring.