Baton is the essential safety weapon in a security guard’s arsenal. Properly wielding a baton requires professional training and cannot be used on the job without a permit. Every security personnel with a guard card needs to opt for baton training courses that give them the authority to use the baton while on duty. At Code 4 Security Training, we offer detailed baton training that includes applying for the baton permit while completing mandatory and advanced training programs.


To apply for a Baton Permit, you must

Be above eighteen years of age

Be a licensed security guard with a valid security guard card (cardholders and online permits are both acceptable)

Have completed the basic security guard training program

Not have existing warrant or a history with law enforcement for misdemeanor and other unlawful activities

Step: 1

This part aims to cover the basics of batons and their usage in tackling menace-causing individuals. You will learn about the types of batons, their use cases, and how they can be used for maximum security enforcement. A security guard primarily uses three batons, but you will mostly find yourself using one kind of baton per your work requirement. You will learn how to wield a baton, handle it with maximum accuracy and save yourself with the baton while combating perpetrators.

Step: 2

This area of training program focuses on baton-related injuries and their first aid remedies that can be issued on the spot. Baton usage can damage the human body that can sometimes be lethal if the situation goes out of control. Baton class focuses on helping perpetrators recover from baton-related injuries by using first aid methods and CPR training.

Step 3

Baton is a security weapon that is designed for use in dire situations. This class teaches you about the legal and moral responsibilities that are associated with a baton permit. You will learn how to use batons and what scenarios are they considered valuable and applicable. Our instructors will help you understand the proper method of carrying a baton, using a baton for your protection for handling the attackers. You will also learn how to control and captivator perpetrator using a baton and about the actions you cannot do with a baton. You are bound by legal obligations and must use a baton following the rules laid down by the regulatory bodies.

Step 4

The final step is learning about the use of force with a baton.  Our instructors will guide you to use different kinds of buttons, stances, and positions that can help gain an advantage over the perpetrators.

Simply flinging the baton does no good, and you must be in the correct posture while wielding a baton.  Stances and strikes play a significant role in deciding the fate of the encounter, and if done right, you can get hold of the attacker in no time. The focus of the baton is to disarm and capture the perpetrator, and inflicting wounds is considered the last resort.  This final phase of the course completes your baton training, after which we issue the baton permit. You can use it to apply for a security guard position that demands baton permits along with the security guard card.

Steps to Obtain a Baton Permit

If you have a security guard card, then you can apply for the baton permit. Code 4 security training offers a complete guide to help you apply for the baton permit. You must fill in the details mentioned on the security guard card, and any discrepancy will result in rejection. The application fee is set as 50 USD by the regulatory bodies that are separate from the cost of the training program.

After applying for the baton permit, you must complete the BSIS training program and pass acceptable grades to qualify for the license. The classes conducted at code4 security training comply with the standards and cover all types of batons, including expandable, ASP, and pr-24.


After you complete the class, we issue you your baton permit. It has lifetime validity and does not need to be renewed periodically like the security guard card. However, if your security guard card is expired, then the baton permit holds no value as well.

Duration of Baton Training Course

A typical BSIS baton training course lasts about 8 hours, depending upon the types of battens you choose for the training program. If you select all three, then the total time duration of the training can reach 8 hours. We advise you to go for an elaborate session rather than skipping the fundamentals and jumping onto the physical training part of the baton training program. The idea is to prepare you for multiple interaction scenarios with perpetrators and help you find weak points, and control the miscreants.