Security Training Programs

Guard Card Training

Enroll in the guard card training program to learn about the rules and expectations from a security professional while applying for your security guard card. The training program helps you avail of a security guard card that marks your ability to offer security services to a client or an enterprise. We bear the burden of all the paperwork and application filing so that you can focus on learning and implementing techniques and understanding the duties of a security guard

Firearm Training

Firearm training is beneficial to score protection jobs and projects that require the support of an armed guard adept at handling firearms. By learning to operate firearms and obtaining a certificate of firearms training, you can apply for armed guard profiles that handsomely reward you for your services. This training program at Code 4 Security Training is best suited for security personnel upgrading their skill-set and landing a bigger paycheck

Handcuff & Arrest Training

This training is about learning new techniques to master the art of handcuffing menace-causing individuals. You will be taught about the power to arrest & the power vested to you by the state to protect citizens from troublemakers. You will learn how to demobilize troublemakers while keeping you away from any surprise attack. We also shed light on verbal techniques to guide troublemakers into submission

Live Scan

Code 4 Security Training provides live scan services that help you register your fingerprints electronically and forward them to the justice department and Federal Bureau of Investigation for verification. We help you to complete your live scan procedure and move to the training part of a security guard card. All of this is done by charging normal rolling fees that don’t hurt your pockets too much

Baton Permit

The Baton handing training program available at Code 4 Security teaches you the skills to wield the Baton perfectly. Obtaining a Baton permit is a one-time procedure, but different batons are available as per the level of security. We teach you how to seamlessly switch between different Baton types and use them to protect yourself during heated altercations with miscreants

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a defense weapon that can stun the troublemakers and visually impair them for a few minutes. This training program guides you through the laws that govern the use of pepper spray and using the pepper spray to buy some time before the official help arrives


CPR & First Aid

Code 4 Security Training prepares you to administer CPR and first aid to people in trouble or with a medical emergency. You will learn about the symptoms exhibited by the body before entering into a medical emergency and the correct procedure of administering CPR to human beings and providing first aid services. CPR and first aid training is a bonus skill that helps you become the first responder in unprecedented situations

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens training course educates you about the diseases that can be transmitted from person to person unknowingly. It covers the major disease-causing pathogens and their transmission mode and the safety practices that security personnel must follow to be safe from these diseases. It is an optional course that can be done in the latter phase of the security guard card training

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