Responsible for protecting companies and businesses and ensuring the safety of both employees and consumers, proprietary security and contract security companies are involved in the same industry, while serving very different needs.

What does a proprietary security company do?

Controlled entirely by a particular company, a proprietary security company is responsible for hiring, firing and managing security personnel.

What does a contract security company do?

Operated by a professional security company, they contract their security services to different companies.

What do they cost?

Costlier because your company is responsible for paying benefits and higher wages for those personnel with more experience, proprietary security is more expensive, but often more appealing since the level of training and ability of the guards, is significantly higher.

When dealing with a contract security company, the salary given to security guards is typically lower due to the cost of uniforms, sick leave and training benefits that are all covered by the service.

Which gives more control?

From the perspective of a proprietary security employee, you may find that they have more feelings of loyalty towards the company, since they may have developed a sense of camaraderie with their fellow employees and experience opportunities for growth and promotions within their career.

When it comes to using the services of a contract security service on the other hand, if your company needs to take on more employees, or lay some off, you might be able to deal with such staffing problems in a more efficient way.

Which service gives more consistency?

For a company needing daily, micromanaged security, then a proprietary security service might offer the best solution to your security needs.

Which is the most effective?

Trained to meet the specific needs of a company, proprietary security personnel often become more familiar with the layout of a building or space, and are able to recognize individuals coming and going, with greater ease and accuracy.

Thanks in part to a high rate of turnover, contract security guards don’t often get the opportunity to establish strong working relationships with employees, which can have a negative impact on how loyal they are to the company, and play a role in determining the level of their performance.


If you choose to take on a proprietary security service, you’ll be responsible for taking the appropriate measures with respect to background checks and ensuring that the applicant has the right level of training and skills to fulfil their role to the standard required.

Choosing to take on a contract security service on the other hand, means that training, recruitment and background checks are handled by the firm, and not your concern. When deciding which type of security service to hire, there are many factors to take into consideration, and a lot will depend upon your specific needs and the extent of your budget. However, it’s important to remember that security is a significant aspect of any business, and if you want to protect it in the best way possible, make sure your budget is big enough.

Author: code4stc