It’s obvious why so many business and other types of facilities and service providers choose to have armed security guards protecting their employees, customers and premises, but is choosing to become an armed security guard the right career move, for you?

Below are some of the advantages you can look forward to if you choose to become an armed security guard:

  • You get to patrol some interesting locations

The chances are that if you work with a security firm or agency, you’ll get a number of unique postings to varied locations, each of which will provide you with plenty of opportunities to engage with others (professionally, of course!), take in different landscapes and environments, and best of all, not be stuck behind a desk in a windowless office!

  • Your role won’t necessarily be a violent, confrontational one

Most of us appreciate the fact that firearms can be used to protect ourselves and others, but few relish the prospect of actually having to use one. Thankfully, the majority of armed security guards go through their entire working lives without having to discharge their weapon, or use extreme force, but the fact that they’re trained to be able to do so should the need arise, can be of great comfort both to them, and to the people and places they’re paid to protect.

  • You can earn more money

Thanks to the hours of training you’ll undergo to become an armed security guard, you can enjoy a higher salary and better benefits than a regular, unarmed security guard.

An armed security guard’s primary role is to maintain order

If you’re confused as to the specific role of an armed security guard when considering it as a career choice, it can be helpful to think of it as one that enables you to maintain order, rather than enforcing it. No matter where or what you’re assigned to protect, your end goal will always be the same; to deter, and in some instances prevent, any kind of unlawful or disruptive behavior from being carried out in or around the location. While you don’t have the same powers as a police officer, as an armed security guard you are able to detain potential criminals in the event that they’re behaving suspiciously or have been caught in an illegal or frightening act, until the police arrive, and as such, your role is actually very important.

So, have you got what it takes to become an armed security guard?

While the role of an armed security guard is undoubtedly an important one, and there are several advantages to becoming one, it’s not the right job for everyone. If you’re shy, are unable to exhibit an air of authority or panic in an emergency, you should almost certainly consider an alternative career.

Armed security guards must possess excellent communication skills, and be able to take charge and remain calm in the event of an emergency, or threat of an emergency. They must also be able to keep those around them calm, and be able to reassure them that they are safe. Should a potentially dangerous situation begin to unfold, they must be able to adapt to the circumstances and remain alert, and continue to be vigilant even if no issues arise, or are likely to.

If the characteristics mentioned above fit your personality and you’d like to earn more money protecting people and premises from the threat of harm, then a career as an armed security guard could be right up your alley! Reach out to your local (or online) registered security training facility without delay!

Author: code4stc