The security guard is not an easy profession by any means. You have to be vigilant, responsive, and possess the ability to take decisions on the fly. But there are many myths about the job of a security guard that need to be debunked. These myths put doubts in the mind of any individual who wants to pursue the career of a security guard, and end the possibility of a reliable job position before one can even start. We are listing out a few popular myths that are completely false.

Myth: Security Guards are Lackluster

There is a persistent notion about security guards being relaxed out-of-shape guys that have nothing better to do than squat on a chair. On the contrary, most security profiles required a reliable background search as a service in army or police. Any individual belonging to these areas of service, possesses a proactive mindset and a fit physique to protect the client as well as the people around them. Security guards are the very first layer of protection against any devious attempt like robbery, theft, violence, etc.

Myth: Security Guards are Rude

The first lesson of security guard training stresses on how to converse with people while being deployed on a security detail. The security guards are well versed with the techniques to calm down the citizens in case of a unrest or a troublesome situation such as natural disaster or robbery attempts. Their job is to be amicable to the staff and consumers/ general public, and project themselves as a trustable authority who can guide them to desired locations, and help them solve basic problems.

Myth: Security guards need to be buff

One common misconception is that security guards need to be huge, which is because of the depiction of security guards as humans with huge muscle mass in movies and TV shows. In the security industry, fitness has different parameters rather than just gaining size, and a security guard needs to be agile, lean, and has the ability to make quick decisions. Big and burly security professionals also exist but their role is more suitable for nightclubs, heavily guarded areas, backup protection, etc.

Myth: Security Guards Don’t Need Training

To work anywhere as a security professional, you need to have a security guard card. Obtaining a security guard card allows you to mandatorily attend 32 hours of training, to know about the basics of being a security guard. The state prohibits hiring any individual for security profile without having a proper license and training for protection. Therefore, the notion that anyone can be a security guard without any prior training is completely false.

The profession of a security guard is responsibility that not everyone can overtake. It is not a piece of cake to complete advanced security guard training and get a respectable position in the security industry. Like any other job, security industry demands proficiency in communication and skills along with the ability to tackle unforeseen circumstances.

Author: code4stc