If you’ve been thinking about training to become an armed security guard, you’ll likely already know that you need a ‘guard card’ from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) to qualify. Many companies and even individuals nowadays, prefer the safety and protection of an armed guard over that of a regular security guard, and as such, there are some exciting opportunities for training and working within the security industry. 

While the role you fulfill as a fully trained armed security guard will depend upon your employer, you may find yourself posted to various locations and be offered a range of postings throughout your career.

So, if you’re interested in getting your California guard card training and joining an elite team of armed security guards throughout the state, here’s how to do it quickly and efficiently:

California guard card training made easy

Firstly, to be eligible to undergo the training required to gain a guard card in California, you must be at least 18 years of age and pass criminal background checks carried out by the California Department of Justice and the FBI.

One of the simplest ways to apply for and undergo guard card training, is to find a registered training facility in your area and arrange everything through them. While you can carry out the training online (and many facilities offer this option), should you prefer to do it in person, you’ll likely find a professional facility close enough to you that you can attend without too much travel involved.

What course must you undertake?

You’ll need to undergo an eight-hour training course called ‘Power to Arrest’ before a card can be issued, and an end-of-course examination must be passed in order to receive a certificate.

Background checks and fingerprints

On the BSIS website, you’ll find a Security Guard Request for a Live Scan form that you can download, and the application must be taken to a Live Scan provider that the bureau have authorized (you’ll find details of these on the site, or you can check with your chosen training facility), so that your fingerprints can be taken.

Once you’ve completed the background check requirements, you can go ahead and attach your training course certificate to the application, and submit the documents to the BSIS with the fee (which at the time of writing is $50).

Applications are typically processed over a period of between four and six weeks.

What happens once you’ve received your license?

Thirty-two hours of additional training must then be carried out within the next six months, and again, your chosen local training facility will be able to help you with this, and you may be able to do it online. Covering topics that include public relations, communication, legal aspects and officer safety, extra training must also be completed every following year in order to maintain your license and keep it current, but the requirement for this is eight hours. 

To complete your training to become an armed guard in California, with minimum hassle, find a registered and professional facility in your area and connect with them at the earliest.

Author: code4stc