If you’re considering training to become a security guard, but everyone and their mother has weighed in with reasons as to why you shouldn’t, you might find some of them listed below. Check out the following 7 reasons why becoming a security guard isn’t a good idea, along with the reasons why they are misconceptions, and not facts:

  1. You’ll be bored to tears!

If being constantly alert and ready to protect the public, individuals or employees sounds boring to you, then you probably don’t have the right idea about being a security guard.

The role of a security guard is a vital one, and there is often precious little opportunity for being bored, even on quieter days.

  • It’s really dangerous

Provided you’ve undergone the appropriate training and have the right skills to fulfil your role, being a security guard doesn’t have to be as dangerous as some may think it to be.

  • The salary is too low

While it’s true to say that some security jobs pay very low wages, if you train and gain a legitimate licence, you’ll be able to gain the kind of qualifications that employees are willing to pay more for.

  • Security guards garner no respect

There are people in this world who will disrespect others for a variety of reasons, and no matter what profession you choose, you can never guarantee to be respected by others, all of the time. Most law abiding citizens however, have a lot of respect for security guards, and appreciate the fact that without them, the world would be a far more dangerous place.

  • There’s no room for growth in the industry

Totally false! There are, in fact, ample opportunities for growth within the security personnel industry, because it’s such a sought after skill, especially in light of the increasing threat from terrorism and other kinds of crimes. If you choose to pursue a career in security, you can advance your training and gain skills and qualifications in the following areas:

  • Bodyguard
  • Security response team management
  • Police
  • CCTV specialist
  • Mall security management
  • Residential security
  • Security guards work long hours

In the majority of instances, security guards are expected to work long hours, but they are entitled to the same breaks as anyone else in any other industry, and if they are assigned a night shift, they simply manage their time and sleep patterns appropriately, so that they can cope and live their life as they want to. 

  • It’s not fun!

Many jobs aren’t fun, and if they were, well, wouldn’t going to work be a real blessing! However, if you throw yourself into your role and look for opportunities to work within exciting and interesting industries, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun while still taking your role seriously. Misconceptions about the security industry as a whole, are rife, but you should always be openminded when it comes to choosing a career path, and be prepared to see beyond what others may think. Just imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have security guards? It really doesn’t bear thinking about. To pursue a worthwhile career in the security industry, get yourself trained and qualified and start smashing those misconceptions out of the ballpark!

Author: code4stc