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AllCode4 offers interactive security guard training courses.


AllCode4 courses come with printable certifications

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AllCode4 courses are price competitive and offer free courses as well.

Guard Card Training

Enroll in the guard card training program to learn about the rules and expectations from a security professional while applying for your security guard card. The training program helps you avail of a security guard card that marks your ability to offer security services to a client or an enterprise. We bear the burden of all the paperwork and application filing so that you can focus on learning and implementing techniques and understanding the duties of a security guard.

Firearm Training

Firearm training is beneficial to score protection jobs and projects that require the support of an armed guard adept at handling firearms. By learning to operate firearms and obtaining a certificate of firearms training, you can apply for armed guard profiles that handsomely reward you for your services. This training program at Code 4 Security Training is best suited for security personnel upgrading their skill-set and landing a bigger paycheck.

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Comprehensive Online Training Courses

40hr – Hour Security Officer Training Package

Companies are much more likely to hire someone with the full 40 hours completed than they are to hire someone who has not taken the full set of training courses.

De-Escalation Difficult People

All employees need training in de-escalating aggression and responding to violence.

Active Shooter And Work Place Violence

Participants will learn proven techniques on how to survive an active shooter taught by a security expert and professional instructor.

Other Services

Other services offered by AllCode4

K9 Security Services

K9 Security Services

Using the most stringent certification standards, our K9 service will give you the best chance of detecting narcotics, contraband and even explosives at your designated location. Read More

Mobile Security Patrols

Our patrol car services are guaranteed to give you the protection and security you need; if you’re in California and looking for high-class, professional patrol car services. Read More

Private Investigation

Our private investigation services are guaranteed to give you the answers you need no matter what the circumstances, and if you’re in California and looking for a trusted private investigator. Read More

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